To find an advisor, you need to contact your department.  See below for a list of departmental email addresses for your undergraduate programs.




 Gallaspy Family College of Education and Human
318-357-6288 education@nsula.edu
 College of Arts, Letters, Graduate Studies
 and Research
318-357-4330 hortons@nsula.edu
 Creative and Performing Arts 318-357-4522 arts@nsula.edu
 Band 318-357-4522 bandcamps@nsula.edu
 Language and Communication 318-357-6272 languages@nsula.edu
 Psychology 318-357-6594 psychology@nsula.edu
 Social Work 318-357-5493 socialwork@nsula.edu
 Criminal Justice, History, and Social Sciences 318-357-6966 crim_justice@nsula.edu
 College of Nursing and Allied Health see below nursing@nsula.edu
 [Cenla] 318-484-2184
Ext. 109
 [Rapides Medical Center Extension of CENLA Campus] 318-449-7991  
 [Leesville] 337-392-3100  
 [Natchitoches] 318-357-6877
 [Shreveport] 318-677-3100
 College of Science, Technology and Business 318-357-6699 scitech@nsula.edu
 Biological Sciences 318-357-5323 bio_sci@nsula.edu
 Business 318-357-5161 business@nsula.edu
 Engineering Technology and CIS 318-357-4465 iet@nsula.edu
   [CIS Contact Information] 318-357-5298  business@nsula.edu
 Family and Consumer Sciences 318-357-5501  family_sci@nsula.edu
 Mathematics and Physical Sciences 318-357-4465 mathematics@nsula.edu
 Military Science 318-357-5156 nsurotc@nsula.edu
 Graduate School 318-357-5851  grad_school@nsula.edu
 Louisiana Scholars' College 318-357-4577 lscrecruits@nsula.edu
 ACE/Academic Advising Center 318-357-6980 ace@nsula.edu


All written communications should be directed to the proper University office and should be addressed to: Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA 71497-0002.