Master of Science in Health and Human Performance w/ Concentration in Health Promotion

The Health Promotion concentration is designed to prepare professionals to design, implement, and evaluate health promotion programs. Preparation includes coursework in current health issues, health behavior, and program development risk appraisals and exercise prescription.

Program Objectives
Health Promotion is a 33 semester hour program designed for students interested in a career in a health-related field. Upon completion of the degree, professionals may be employed in hospital wellness centers, clinical rehabilitation, in corporate health promotion community health settings, or school-based health centers. This program is delivered completely online.

Application Process
For more information about the application process, go to the graduate student checklist, or the Graduate School home page.

Foundations: 6 hours
HED 5020 Research in Health Promotion
HED 5000 Statistics for Health Promotion

Content: 21 Hours
HED 5100 Current Health Issues
HED 5200 Health Behavior
HED 5250 Strategies for Health Promotion
HED 5300 Planning and Organizing Health Promotion Programs
HED 5400 Implementing and Evaluating Promotion Programs
HED 5470 Evaluation and Exercise Prescription in Health Promotion
HED 5600 (Epidemiology)

Application: 6 Hours
HED 5370 Problems in Health Education
HED 5990 Field Study

For information about Graduate School Admission or a Graduate Assistantship:
Dr. Michael Moulton, Graduate Coordinator (moultonm@nsula.edu

For information about the Health Promotion Program: Dr. Catherine McMillan, Health Education and Health Promotion Specialist (catherinem@nsula.edu)

Email: Dr. Michael Moulton or Dr. Catherine McMillan
Phone: 318.357.5126
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