Master of Arts in Teaching, Mild/Moderate Special Education and Elementary (531A), Middle (541A), or Secondary Education Grades 6-12 (561A) PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Program

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Mild/Moderate Special Education Merged is designed for talented professionals from diverse career backgrounds who have non-education baccalaureate degrees and want to earn initial Louisiana teacher certification in Mild/Moderate Special Education. 

This MAT is an integrated/merged program through which candidates earn certification in Mild/Moderate Special Education AND a regular education content/grade level such as Elementary, Middle School Math, Science, etc., or Secondary English, Math, SST, etc.

Graduates of this program will meet the requirements for Louisiana licensure and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

The MAT for Mild/Moderate Special Education Merged program requires 39 hours of graduate coursework, including a one-year Internship in Teaching.  Candidates must present a passing score on the PRAXIS II pedagogy tests for their certification area prior to enrollment in the Internship.  Courses are offered 100% online. Applicants may begin the program in the summer, fall, or spring semester.

For additional information, go to the Department of Teaching, Leadership, and Counseling.

Email:  TEACHNorthwestern@nsula.edu
Phone:  318.357.6144
Contact: Ms. Suzanne Williams, Teacher Certification 

Prescription of Study: Professional Studies MAT Mild/Moderate Special Education Blended (Elementary, Middle or Secondary) Course Sequence